About us

VAS is a non-profit organization established in Silver Spring, MD in 2015 to address current and emerging needs within the Vietnamese-American community. Most of our clients are within lower socio-economic statuses with limited English skills who work long, non-standard hours and need new flexible services. VAS is committed to bringing quality, convenient services to connect the community to all available resources and to improve their standard of living. Our team has strong ties to the Vietnamese community, as well as linkages to other service providers. The strength and uniqueness of our organization is our outreach ability. We are dedicated and passionate outreach workers, who are devoted to bringing attention and awareness to various resources available to the Vietnamese community.

Our Mission

Our objective at VAS is to effectively and efficiently address existing and emerging needs of the Vietnamese community within the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. VAS focuses on outreach approaches and utilizing technology to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese community as well as assisting them to successfully assimilate into American society. Furthermore, VAS is the only organization in the region that reaches out to the most disadvantaged people in the Vietnamese population through community outreach.

What We Do

VAS focuses on capacity building, connecting/bridging, and empowerment strategies rather than strictly service provision.

Outreach Services

We focus on reaching out to the most disadvantaged people and referring them to existing services through home-based outreach.


We are committed to our partnerships with local businesses, schools, churches, and organizations to identify resources to address emerging needs.

Community Engagement

We focus on capacity building and empowerment strategies to engage with those we serve. VAS facilitates regular community events where our members can meet and exchange information and learn how to access services in the areas of education, employment, language acquisition, and health care, among others.


Your donation will help save lives, fight poverty and create a more equal world for everyone.

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Maryland Mid-Autumn Festival

On Sunday October 8th, the Vietnamese American Services (VAS) held their first Mid-Autumn Festival at Long Branch Community Center. There were about 400 adults joined, more than 100 children, and 35 organisations and groups in Montgomery County attending the event, including community organisations, seniors, youth groups… The event brought so many entertaining activities, such as lion […]