About Us

VAS is a non-profit organization established to address new and more current needs of the Vietnamese American population. Most of its clients are low-income immigrants with limited English who work long non-standard working hours and need new flexible services. VAS commits to bring the best and most convenient services to connect the community to all available benefits and improve quality of their life.

Who we are

Our team has strong relationships within the Vietnamese community, as well as linkages to other service providers. The strength and uniqueness of our organization is our outreach ability. We are strong partners with many service providers. We are dedicated outreach workers, who visit churches and work places to educate people. We are organizer for quarterly community events to connect the community with sport clubs, English classes. Our staff is experienced and reliable with transportation and interpretation skills.

Our Mission

The mission of Vietnamese American Services, Inc. (VAS), which is a non-profit organization, is to address new and existing needs of the Vietnamese population in the Greater Washington Metro area. VAS focuses on outreach approaches and utilizing technology to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese community as well as assisting them to integrate better into American society. VAS is the only organization in the region that reaches out to the most disadvantaged people in the Vietnamese population by outreach activities. VAS has been working with Vietnamese families to help enroll or connect them to resources and opportunities that best serve their needs.

What we do

VAS focuses on reaching out to the most disadvantaged people and referring them to existing services through a home-based outreach rather than traditional office-based services. This is more of a capacity building, connecting/bridging, and empowerment strategy rather than strictly service provision. We will work with the community to define their goals and objectives and then to link those with the wide variety of existing resources in the county.
To support our mission, VAS employs the following programs:

1) Community Engagement: VAS facilitates regular community events where our members can meet and exchange information and learn how to access services in the areas of education, employment, language acquisition, and health care, among others. VAS connects and facilitates community member to join other programs: Sports clubs, English classes, study groups.

2) Seniors and people at risk: VAS helps seniors and disadvantaged people to enroll in social benefits (which many are not aware of), access health care (through the Affordable Care Act or Medicare and Medicaid), join senior groups, promote volunteerism, and hold community events.

3) VAS utilizes technology and the Internet to serve the community with the most convenient manner. We support community with all applications, documents, bills, questions and concerns...

Senior and people at risk program

There are approximately 13,700 Vietnamese in Montgomery County and more than 60% of them are Limited English Proficiency (LEP). This is a big disadvantage in terms of accessing services in Montgomery County. During our time working with and studying the community, we became aware of many isolated seniors and disabled persons who could not access available services. Furthermore there are many new immigrants with limited English proficiency which is often accompanied by a lack of access to transportation. Most work in poor conditions which they cannot ameliorate because of vulnerability to financial shocks. At present, there is no agency or resource in Montgomery County that can reach them. Our project connects and brings available services to improve the health and well-being of the most needy people in our community. VAS identifies and works with them to educate and/or provide/connect them to existing community resources. VAS recruits volunteers to interact with the target population and establish connections between people and Montgomery County resources (using a peer-to-peer approach). Our project, which is culturally and linguistically appropriate, helps advance County priorities by reaching out and advertising county resources to target groups, identify the most vulnerable children, seniors and their families among the Vietnamese population, connect them to the relevant programs and activities of government, business, non-profit, civic and faith-based organizations, and encourage new immigrants to utilize ESOL services and civic trainings. VAS also helps low income families and persons with disabilities to access economic opportunities. A peer-to-peer approach using a plethora of currently existing informal relationships allows the work to sustain itself with the cessation of county funding.

Community Engagement Program

To ensure our community has an empowered voice in mainstreaming into American life, it is our goal to see that no project is implemented without the fullest input of the Vietnamese residents. VAS aims to involve community member in the selection, development, and implementation of all our projects. The objective of Community Engagement Program is to involve the community in all aspect of VAS’s programs, including connection and participation in community events, sport clubs, wellness classes, English conversation groups.
Below are some ideas for programs that will be used:
• Create opportunities for community members to participate and lead in projects wherever possible.
• Conduct short surveys, focus groups and individual interviews with community members about needs, priorities, visions and community conditions using multiple strategies to ensure community representation and inclusivity of all who are affected. Strategies to assure access to participation include outreach to clients at churches, work places, conducting online social media outreach and one-one-one outreach, interview key informants.
• Structure all programs to ensure that the views, inputs and experiences of all are used for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all projects.

Advanced Services Program

Privilege members:
“Every day, we get a lot of letters in English that we are unclear what the content is and what to do,” “Or we want to enroll in a program but we do not know where to start.” With the Privilege Members Program, members will not have to worry about this matter anymore. The program will help members, who are limited English and working long hours to solve all unclear paperwork and enrollment processes in the fastest and most convenient manner. We utilize technology and the Internet to solve issues: simple, fast, and convenient, at any time. The members just need to take photo of the paper/letter and send message to VAS helpline, they don’t need to make appointment, take day off from work, drive, parking like other office based services. We explain all types of letters, papers, and documents from English to Vietnamese. We represent clients to communicate with insurance companies, bills, doctor appointments, and other tasks. Members will get free enrolled in any social benefit programs and health insurance such as the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Housing, etc. We refer member to the legal system and translators for vehicular accede nts. We connect members to primary care doctors, make appointments and provide interpretation for them. And many other programs such as sports clubs, English tutoring, etc.

Transportation and interpretation:
With this program, we provide transportation to help clients efficiently get to the places they want to go, as well as interpretation services for things such as doctor visits, human service agencies or court cases.

Citizenship and Immigration services:
– Assist clients to open files for sponsoring their families or in resolving problems with USCIS
– Renew and request green cards as well as resolving problems with green cards that are lost or expired.
– Review citizenship application forms, assist clients to study for citizenship exams, apply for US passports, etc.



New Letter – 10/26/16

Long Branch Fire The Long Branch Fire last month was a disaster for low-income families living in the building. To join Montgomery County’s efforts to support victims, VAS has continued to assist the Vietnamese family that was affected by the fire. The family has moved into a new apartment and settled down successfully. Ms Minh […]

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