Maryland Mid-Autumn Festival

On Sunday October 8th, the Vietnamese American Services (VAS) held their first Mid-Autumn Festival at Long Branch Community Center. There were about 400 adults joined, more than 100 children, and 35 organisations and groups in Montgomery County attending the event, including community organisations, seniors, youth groups… The event brought so many entertaining activities, such as lion dance, traditional dancing, children singing, games, and music. It also brought many helpful information from the county to community and provided a lot of delicious authentic Vietnamese food. Maryland Mid-Autumn Festival is a meaningful festival for Vietnamese community, in which people can get together celebrate their traditional holiday and spend time with their families. This festival soon will become an annual festival not only for Vietnamese community, but also for all residents, who are interested in Vietnamese culture. Please see the pictures of Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 in the link:http://vasusa.org/galleries/ and see the video by Montgomery County Council:

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