Vietnamese American Services


VAS is a non-profit organization established in Silver Spring, MD in 2015 to address the needs of the Vietnamese-American community.  Most of our clients are within lower socio-economic statuses with limited English skills who work long, non-standard hours.

VAS depends on Donations.


The mission of Vietnamese-American Services is to develop partnerships with business, schools, faith communities and local organizations in order to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese community as well as assisting them to successfully assimilate into American society.

VAS is the only organization in the region that reaches out to the most disadvantaged people in the Vietnamese population through community outreach.


VAS is committed to bringing quality, convenient services to connect the community to all available resources to improve their standard of living.

Our team has strong ties to the Vietnamese community, as well as linkages to other service providers. The strength and uniqueness of our organization is our outreach ability.

We are dedicated and passionate outreach workers, who are devoted to bringing attention and awareness to various resources available to the Vietnamese community.



VAS offers a variety of different services. Our core programs include:

1. English & Economic Development Classes

2. Improving quality of life for Seniors and people at risk

3. Promoting access to Healthcare Services

4. Hosting Community Events

VAS has served thousands of clients since opening.  40% are individuals seeking assistance with healthcare, 35% need help with learning English and Career services, 18% are Low-Income Seniors, and 7% are seeking Guidance for Immigration and Other Services.

With a grass-root approach, VAS has listened to what the community needs most and implements programs that address these needs, from health care access to community bonding.


VAS partners with providers who want to expand services to the Vietnamese American population but do not have the necessary connections or understanding of the community. Our partners are:

    • Maryland Health Connection
    • Adventist Healthcare 
    • Mobilemed
    • HIF
    • and More!

We also have a solid relationship with Vietnamese community groups including Vietnamese American Seniors, Our Lady of Vietnamese Catholic Church in Silver Spring, and many more. We support members of these group by providing English classes for seniors and residents in Montgomery County.


VAS is an active member of the Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) in Montgomery County, the COA, and the Asian and Pacific American Advisory Group (APAAG) in Montgomery County.


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