Vietnamese American Services COVID-19 Update
Face Mask Sewing Project
AT the beginning of the Covid19 outbreak, there was a mask shortage in the USA. VAS developed a mask sewing project and team to provide masks for a variety of organizations including police stations, hospitals, the general community, and more. Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, we were able to provide thousands of masks. 
COVID19 emergency program - 8500 facemasks made in 20 days with 21 volunteers and hundreds of supporters.

Food Delivery & Pickup

During the Covid19 quarantine, VAS provided food home delivery services for seniors in our community. During Montgomery County’s reopening phases, VAS continues to provide food services to seniors through our weekly food pickup days.

Other Covid19 Services

For more information and covid19 resources, please call VAS at (301)-646-5852. If you are in need of any of these services or would like to volunteer, please call our office or email us at