Our Mission

Vietnamese American Services Objectives

         The mission of Vietnamese-American Services is to develop partnerships with business, schools, faith communities and local organizations in order to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese community as well as assisting them to successfully assimilate into American society.

        VAS is the only organization in the region that reaches out to the most disadvantaged people in the Vietnamese population through community outreach.

        VAS has served thousands of clients since opening. With a grass-root approach, VAS has listened to what the community needs most and implements programs that address these needs, from health care access to community bonding.

Vietnamese American Services Programs

VAS offers a variety of different services. Our core programs include:

1. English & Economic Development Classes

2. Improving quality of life for Seniors and people at risk

3. Promoting access to Healthcare Services

4. Hosting Community Events

What Vietnamese American Services (VAS) Does Best
  • Home-based Outreach services for the most disadvantaged

  • Partnerships with local businesses, schools, churches & organizations

  • We facilitate regular events to help others access services and increase Community Engagement

  • Capacity building and Empowerment strategies