Advanced Services


Membership Program: The program will help members, who speak limited English and work long hours to solve all unclear paperwork and complex enrollment processes in the fastest and most convenient manner.

Transportation and Interpretation: With this program, we provide interpretation and transportation to help clients easily and reliably get to the places they want to go, including USCIS interviews, doctor visit, human service agencies or court cases.

Citizenship and Immigration services: Assist clients to open files for sponsoring their families or in resolving issues with USCIS. Renew and request green cards as well as resolving problems with green cards that are lost or expired. Review citizenship application forms, assist clients in preparation for citizenship exams, apply for US Passports, etc.

For More information on our Advanced Services, please email us at or call (301) 646-5852

One thought on “Advanced Services

  1. My wife came to the US from Vietnam in Sep 2016, We will be applying to take her citizen Test next year, as eligible in 3 years married to a us citizen. I am looking for some apple phone apps on citizenship study / test in Vietnamese that she can study and understand Later we would switch to English version.
    ALSO needed is drivers test and study phone apps in Vietnamese
    She works very long hours as a nail tech so very difficult to study
    I was hoping she could listen/look on phone when slow or nite time.

    Thank you
    Robert podunavac

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