Senior and Individuals At Risk


At VAS we help Improve the quality of life for Seniors and people at risk. VAS supports seniors, disabled people and low-income families by providing the following cultural/linguistic services to assist them with:

  • Social Benefits Application
  • Referral Service
  • Reduce Isolation & Loneliness

VAS have supported hundreds of seniors, people with disability, and low-income families. VAS was the only Vietnamese agency that helped victims of the Long Branch fire, many of whom were seniors and people with disability, with disaster relief. We also started the Golden Lotus Charity Group that invites community members to join as volunteers to provide home visiting programs to elderly who live alone or at nursing home. Since October 2017, this service group has visited many community members from the most vulnerable population.

In order to reduce Isolation & Loneliness, VAS hosts multiple community events throughout the year, such as the Mid-Autumn festival, Senior Event, and Community Picnic events.

For More information on Senior services, please email us at
or call (301) 646-5852

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